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Implies Games

I've been a gamer for the last 35 years and a game maker for the last year. My outlook is that careerwise I want to work at something where I'm looking forward to going to work on a rainy monday morning! as well as actually making something for other people to enjoy.

So in the last few years I've started moving from a regular IT guy to developing games, by way of a CS degree at night, and working as an IT contractor during the week and coding whenever I can get a spare minute (..I think my kids have forgotten what I look like and sleep? I remember sleep!)

I'm constantly learning , and being a 'run before I can walk' type of guy, all my projects... well they have to be interesting. is my portal to show what I'm currently working on, from Jrpgs to shooters to VR arcades to games to play after a few pints with your friends, quite often with an 80's feel!