Who does Imirt represent?

Imirt represents people making games in Ireland. The focus is very much on game creators (e.g. programmers, artists, designers, writers, music, sound engineers etc.) rather than non-development sectors of the games industry (e.g. academia, middleware, customer support, localisation etc.)

I make games, can I join?

Yes, please do! Imirt is not limited to any one particular type of game, platform, genre or field - we welcome creators of any kind of game, analogue, digital, cultural, social, or commercial. We aim to represent everyone who is making games in Ireland.

Please note that in joining you become a member of Imirt Irish Game Makers CLG, the company, for a fixed yearly term from Jan to Dec (i.e. until the renewal of the membership). Membership for a particular year is dependent on payment of the annual subscription fee for that year when it becomes due,

The legal constitution can be found here. Also note that membership can be refused or removed at the absolute discretion of the board of directors.

I am not a game creator, can I join?

Yes, we would welcome your support. However, be aware that as a non-games creator Imirt will not necessarily be working towards your needs.

I am not based in Ireland, can I join?

Yes, we would welcome your support. However, as someone not based in Ireland, Imirt will not necessarily be working towards your needs. We are hoping that by creating a stronger games industry in Ireland that a side effect will be that game developers working abroad will return to Ireland to join the games industry here.

How does this differ from other groups that are out there?

Imirt is primarily an org by game creators, for game creators. It represents game creators at every scale, from large game development companies right down to individual developers. Imirt also represents game creators pursuing non-business goals e.g. creators of art games.  

Imirt will be a limited company so we will be able to do things such as accepting funding for a stand at a conference. It will also have a particular organisational structure i.e. annual elections to elect board members.

Imirt’s website will be primarily a showcase website aimed at people who are not members of the Irish game development community. The website will be a one-stop shop to show the outside world (consumers, press, companies and developers outside Ireland) what’s going on in game development in Ireland e.g. which games are being released in the app store, which games are on Kickstarter, which games are on Steam etc.

The IGDA have said they would like to work with the organisation to promote Ireland as a game dev hub on the worldwide stage.

Will Imirt work with colleges?

Imirt primarily works for game creators. Imirt does not focus on academia specifically but will happily work with colleges when and however that arises to aid the organisational and community goals. Students are not excluded and can join and run for election like everyone else. There are currently no plans to have specific College-Imirt representatives. Imirt currently has a goal to provide or facilitate mentoring opportunities over the next year.

Will Imirt only focus on the creative side of game development rather that business?

Ultimately the membership will decide the focus through the people they elect and their responses to the surveys from which we create the goals. In this fashion, anyone can influence the future of Imirt through public debate and interaction with Imirt. We want the organisation to represent the broad spectrum of game developers, from creators of art games to people looking to create financially successful video games companies.

How much is it to be a member?

The cost of membership is €20 annually. The reason we charge for membership is that we want people to actively opt in and pay to be a member and we also want to help cover some of our costs through membership. As a limited company, Imirt will incur annual accounting and legal costs as well as smaller costs such as the website. We want membership to be open to as many people as possible. As part of the survey we carried out, we asked people how much they would be prepared to pay to be a member. Around 90% of respondents said they would be happy to pay €20 or more each year. See more detailed results here.

What do I get as a member of Imirt?

As a member you get:

   Representation by the org and can give input on what the org should do through the annual developer survey

   Publicity through representation on our website. Members can also submit news stories to be featured on our website.

   Can run for election to the board

   Can vote in the annual board elections

   Access to any workshops, online talks or training organized by Imirt

   Ability to take part in any future promotional activities e.g. stand at GDC

Does the org cover companies in Northern Ireland?

No, the initial focus of the new org is to represent game creators in the Republic of Ireland. Developers in Northern Ireland have access to different supports, being part of the UK. Northern Ireland developers can join UKIE and TIGA. However, we are keen to encourage cross-border collaboration and would like to support this in the future.

What will the money be spent on?

The accounts will be public. The initial costs that we foresee are:

   Legal fees to set up a limited company.

   Yearly accounts and possible audit.

   Costs to run website.

   Money to pay a website editor (part-time).

What if there is extra money, what will it be spent on?

Any profit is reserved for the following years or spent in an open manner agreed by the board to achieve mandates or goals.

Will you be taking payments for membership or donations online?

Yes, there will be an online payment system put in place soon enough, We plan to use Stripe to manage our online payments.

Why are you setting up Imirt as a limited company?

Imirt will be set up as a limited company because it’s the only organisational structure that allows us to accept any substantial level of funding (e.g. from the government or through sponsorship). Setting up as a limited company is also a suitable structure for how we want to run i.e. annual board elections with every member having voting rights. Although there is additional overhead and expense involved with setting Imirt up as a limited company, we feel it is worth it because we are setting up a solid foundation for the future, to allow Imirt to support the Irish games industry as it developers and, hopefully, grows substantially over the coming years.

How can I run for election?

Email contact@imirt.ie by 31st July with the subject line “BOARD NOMINATION” and a short bio (no more than 150 words). Feel free to also include a photo. In early August we will put all candidates up on our website along with their bios. Elections will be held in September.

Who can run for election?

All paid-up members of Imirt are eligible to run for election. There are no other requirements i.e. you do not need to be a full-time game dev to run for election, you can be a student or hobbyist. The most important criteria is that you have energy and drive and are willing to put in the time and effort required to be an effective board member to work for the game development community.

Anyone looking to run for the board does not need to wait until we have the online payment system active, so they can become a paid-up member before they nominate themselves. Payment can be organised later before the election process begins.

How many people will be on the board?

Currently there are 8 people on the steering committee. There will be 7 elected board members, though.

What happens to the steering committee?

The steering committee will be disbanded when the first board are voted in. It may happen that some steering committee members will run for election and are voted into the first board. Whatever happens, members of the steering committee will be available to assist the members of the first board, if needed.

How long does a board member serve for?

Board members serve for two year terms. However, as elections run annually there is an exception to this in the first year. After the first year, half of the board members will step down after only one year and the other half will serve the full two year term. The reason for this is that we feel continuity is very important for an effective board.

How can I vote?

We will be announcing details of how the voting will work in due course. It is likely to be online voting to facilitate people in all parts of Ireland.

Who can vote?

All paid-up members of Imirt can vote.

What are your goals?

The board’s primary goal is to represent the interests of game creators in Ireland. However, this means many things to many people. In April we carried out a survey of game developers in Ireland asking them for their views about what Imirt's goals and focus should be. Looking at the survey and from talking to the community the most mentioned goals for this organisation are “One Voice/Community” and “International Awareness”. For more information on this please take a look at this page.

How do you determine the goals for the organisation?

Imirt aims to conduct yearly surveys to ascertain the membership's interests and opinions. From these we help define the organisation's short, medium and long term goals. Board members are expected to try fulfil these goals during their voluntary terms.

Why is it called Imirt?

The steering committee put out a call for suggestions for names for the new organization. As a group we shortlisted three names and set up a vote for all members of the community to take part in. Imirt was the clear winner. The word “Imirt” is an Irish word, meaning play. It reflects the goals of the organization, to represent game developers of all kinds based in Ireland. The process through which we chose the name reflects the general approach of the organization –community input, openness and fairness.

Do you represent companies involved in gambling?

Imirt does not represent companies involved in gambling.

How can I contribute?

There are a number of ways you can contribute:

  • You can become a member of Imirt.
  • You can run for election (see details above).
  • You can give your input on the org by filling in the feedback form. The responses to this form will be read by all members of the steering committee and will be used to help shape the org and its goals. You can fill it in anonymously if you wish. The link is:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wuX3ijjwntAmDNvdxf5P3gvObf_p40pfkuEaEAXXjyk/viewform.
  • You can talk directly to any of the steering committee about the org either by contacting them directly or by coming along to events such as the town hall meeting on DubLudo.