What is Imirt and who is it for?

Imirt Irish Game Makers is a Company Limited By Guarantee (CLG) that represents game developers in the Republic of Ireland. We promote, mentor, and improve the game making environment for those developing games here.

Who can join?

Individual membership is open to anyone who wants to help out. We attempt to cover both analog and digital games, and we don’t limit ourselves to any particular platform, genre, or size of developer. Note if you are not based in Ireland, or even if you are not a games creator, your membership, help, and input is still welcome to keep Imirt running.

Membership terms

Individual membership is for a fixed yearly term from Jan to Dec and is dependent on payment of the annual subscription fee for that year when it becomes due. You can sign up for the following year from November onward. The fee cost can be found on the membership page and may change from year to year. 

Please note that in joining you become a member of Imirt Irish Game Makers CLG, the company. This gives you the right to vote at the AGM and run for board elections. The legal constitution can be found here. Note that membership can be refused or removed at the absolute discretion of the board of directors.

What do I get as a member of Imirt?

As a member:

  • You can run for election to the board.

  • You can vote in the annual board elections.

  • You get representation in the Imirt members directory.

  • You have access to the monthly newsletter.

  • You can help steer Imirt with the annual developer survey.

  • You get access to any discounts, workshops, online talks, or training organized by Imirt.

  • You get a chance to collectively help Irish game developers :)

About that cost

The cost of membership is currently €20 annually. The reason we charge for membership is that we want people to actively opt in and pay to be a member and we also want to help cover some of our costs through membership. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, Imirt will incur annual accounting and legal costs as well as smaller costs such as the website.

The cost is low because we want membership to be open to as many people as possible. As part of the survey we carried out, we asked people how much they would be prepared to pay to be a member. Around 90% of respondents said they would be happy to pay €20 or more each year. See more detailed results here.

How do I get onto the board of directors?

We encourage any Imirt member with a strong interest in helping run Imirt to apply. You do not need to own a company, or be a full time game developer. Time, energy, and ideas are valued.

Each year, around July or August a call is put out for members to self nominate to run in the elections for the board. All you need to do is simply email contact@imirt.ie expressing an interest. We will follow up asking for your bio. There are at least two seats available each year for elections (if not more).

During elections all Imirt members are asked to vote on their prefered nominees with the most popular taking the seats.


The are seven directors of Imirt. These are unpaid and voluntary positions. Terms last for two years from the AGM at which a director is elected. Directors can continue for extra consecutive  terms provided they are elected again at the end of their term.

What about academia?

Imirt does not focus on academia specifically but will happily work with the educational sector to help promote game development in Ireland. Also note students are not excluded and can join and run for election like everyone else.

Does Imirt cover Northern Ireland?

No but check out Games NI for a similar body representing Northern Ireland.

What about gambling companies?

Imirt does not represent gambling companies.

I want to help?

There are a number of ways you can contribute:

  • You can become a member of Imirt. This helps to pay for our costs.

  • You can run for election and help run the board.

  • You can e-mail contact@imirt.ie with your ideas.