We represent game makers from all disciplines throughout Ireland, both analog and digital.

  • Key decision makers: 39 Company Founders based in Ireland

  • Key companies: developers from 34 game companies developing games on consoles, PC, mobile, VR and tabletop
  • All sectors: Developers, Educators, Middleware and Support Services

The Irish game industry is thriving, passionate and driven and is comprised of everyone from award-winning freelance game makers to massive multi-national companies like Demonware, Blizzard, Activision, Bethesda and Zynga. The goal of Imirt is to increase awareness of Ireland’s game makers on the national and international stage while providing opportunities for networking, community growth and development.

Imirt News

Irish Games

This is the full list of Irish made games from our '25 Days of Christmas 2016' feature on Facebook. This proved to be very popular so it's something we plan to run again in future. Thanks to everyone who submitted their games!