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Why are game companies moving to Ireland?

There are multiple reasons companies are moving to Ireland, top among them are:

  • Extremely favourable tax situation
  • Availability of talented game developers
  • Quality of life

What is the most important thing to know from a company-owner perspective?

The corporate tax rate in Ireland is significantly better than much of the world, currently at 12.5%. There is a reason why so many tech companies are here. There is talk of reducing this to 6.5% for income derived from IP created in Ireland. Personal income tax tends to be higher, at roughly 48%. However, that percentage goes to the government to pay for such things as universal healthcare and low- or no-cost college education. Many feel it more than makes up for it. For employees, your “salary+" cost is 10.75% to cover government taxes. 

Moving to Ireland - A Government Perspective

The Irish government have set up a website to provide information to individuals looking to relocate to Ireland. 

Moving to Ireland - A Press Perspective

The press has been very kind to Ireland showing off its great side. 

And for business, it also gets great accolades.

Ireland Heads Forbes’ List of The Best Countries for Business

How much does it cost to relocate to Ireland?

Naturally, it depends on where you are moving from. As an example, for a company moving from California to Dublin, the cost for a 40ft container, enough to pack an entire 3 bedroom house, a vehicle and an office, the cost was €14000 door to door, including packing, customs clearing, etc. International moving companies are able to provide estimates. 

Some companies which handle overseas moves are:

Rainier Overseas Movers

What about internet speeds?

In metro areas, internet is both comparatively great and economical. For Eircom fibre, the cost is approximately €60 euro a month for commercial accounts for unlimited data. 

What is the cost-of-living comparison?

Personal rental costs:

Utility and food costs are comparable or lower than most places in the world, particularly other tech centres such as San Francisco, London, Paris and New York. 

How do schools compare?

Schools in Ireland are noted for providing education of high quality, and its universities are among the top in the world, Trinity College, National University of Galway and University of Limerick among them. As a note, spots for Irish schools are competitive, particularly in large cities such as Dublin. For individuals arriving from America, American high schools are also available for those wishing to enrol their children in private programs. 

Helpful Services

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